Personal Journey

Vani has been associated with the animation industry in India since she was a little kid. Her father, a career banker, decided one day in the 1980s to quit his job and start an independent 2d-animation studio out of their house. In other words, Vani literally grew up in the animation industry, surrounded by creative and talented artists throughout her childhood.

Her father’s dream was to tap into India’s rich cultural heritage and create original animation properties for global audiences. He developed a treasure trove of characters and stories which he pitched to producers all around the world. However, his vision was ahead of its time. Today, Vani has taken inspiration from these early projects, and has extensively adapted and redeveloped them for current audiences.

Vani served as the Head of Creative Management for DreamWorks Animation in Shanghai, where she championed Chinese storyboard artists to tell authentic Chinese stories designed for global audiences. Vani was also the Executive Director of Rhythm & Hues India, a multiple Academy Award winning Animation and VFX studio. She started the studios in Asia, and managed the teams of artists and technicians that created the digital characters in “Life of Pi”, “Night at the Museum”, “The Golden Compass” “X-Men”, and “The Chronicles of Narnia”.

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VFX Work

Vani has contributed to the production of over 30 tent-pole Hollywood feature films. Here are some projects that Vani has worked on throughout her career.

Independent Films

Vani enjoys making Indie films, her first love is documentary filmmaking. Here are some clips from her award winning personal projects, which have also been doing the rounds in film festivals.