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Creative IP

Boutique development studio creating original content and offering diverse services. Focus on powerful storytelling through authentic voices of creatives. Bridging the gap between Asian and North American storytellers Founder Saraswathi Vani Balgam.

We are Visual storytellers, writers, directors, and creative producers Expertise in bringing authentic stories and quality talent together.

About us

Dancing Atoms Studios was founded by Saraswathi “Vani” Balgam. Vani is a visual storyteller, writer, director and creative producer with several award winning shorts and documentaries to her credit. Her unique ability to bring authentic stories and bring together quality talent allows Dancing Atoms Studios to create and develop relatable stories with unforgettable characters for audiences worldwide.


  • VFX consultation
  • 2D Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • Unreal Engine productions
  • Creative Producers
  • Executive Producers

Women Creators Program (WCP)

Empowering women and promoting innovation Collaboration with Unreal EPIC Games and Asifa India Supporting creators from India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, and more


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Join our journey in creating compelling stories and inspiring storytelling wordwide. Watch the Women Creators Program Batch 1 and Batch 2 on our website

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