Dancing Atoms Studios  was founded by Saraswathi “Vani” Balgam. Vani is a visual storyteller, writer, director and creative producer with several award winning shorts and documentaries to her credit. Her unique ability to bring authentic stories and bring together quality talent allows Dancing Atoms Studios  to create and develop  relatable stories with unforgettable characters for audiences worldwide.

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Vani’s love for filmmaking began at an early age when her father ran an independent animation studio out of their house in the 1980s in India. Her father’s dream was to highlight India’s rich cultural heritage and create original animation properties for global audiences, and he developed a treasure trove of characters and stories.Taking inspiration from these early projects, She has adapted and redeveloped them for current audiences with the team at Dancing Atoms Studios .

Our team includes writers, directors, Emmy award winning producers, show runners, editors, unreal artists and animators. Together we take an idea through scripting, extensive research, thumbnails- storyboarding, art direction, character development and creation of the pitch decks.

In the past , Vani has served as the Head of Creative Management for DreamWorks Animation in Shanghai where she championed Chinese storyboard artists to tell authentic Chinese stories designed for global audiences. Vani was also the Executive Director of Rhythm & Hues ASIA, a multiple Academy Award winning Animation and VFX studio. During her time at Rhythm & Hues, she started the studios in Asia, and managed the teams of artists and technicians that created the digital characters in “Life of Pi”, “Night at the Museum”, “The Golden Compass” “X-Men”, and “The Chronicles of Narnia”. Vani oversaw 40 plus Hollywood films as a senior executive.

She is a story consultant with Epic games, part of their Unreal Fellowship and has supported and produced over 45 unreal shorts in 2021. She is also a Story and Development mentor with the Sony Talent League.

In the past year, Dancing Atoms has championed the Women Creators – Epic games Unreal programme. Dancing Atoms had also collaborated with Siggraph Asia Tokyo 2021 and curated programmes.